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Comenius School

Comenius school was inspired by the optimistic visions of Barack Obama and the influence of Michael Jackson – Heal the world , Yes, we can!

Students of eight schools will investigate their sustainable energy, economy and touristic situation. They will think of new inventions, new ways to go for a brighter and sustainable future. They want to implement an European Dimension in sustainable development in their schools and use ICT as a tool to collaborate with all persons involved (students, teachers, staff and parents ).

Four topics will be tackled by July 2012:
  1. recycling
  2. sustainable energies
  3. sustainable economy / fair trade 
  4. sustainable tourism
Participating schools and countries:
  1. Comenius College, Capelle, Netherlands
  2. Gesamtschule Bellevue, Saarbrücken, Germany
  3. La Immaculada, Ceuta, Spain
  4. Escola Basica e Secundaria, Sao Roque do Pico, Azores, Portugal
  5. Instituto di Istruzione Superiore, Sardegna, Italy
  6. Secondary School, Panevezys, Lithuania
  7. Kopernikus Lyzeum, Katowice, Poland
  8. Luleburgaz Lisesi, Lüleburgaz, Turkey
Mr Roman Wallrich (deputy headmaster)
Mr Wallrich teaches German and P.E. at the Comprehensive School Bellevue
Mrs Elke Mayer
Mrs Mayer teaches English, social studies and R.E. at the Comprehensive School Bellevue.



Comenius School
Lijstersigel 18
2902 JD Capelle aan den Ijssel

Telefon: +31 6459 5959



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